Mobile Applications with a Middleware System in Publish-Subscribe Paradigm


This paper presents applications using Pronto[12] and its corresponding functions. Pronto is a middleware system for mobile applications with messaging as a basis in both centralized and decentralized forms. It addresses design issues in mobile computing, including data optimization, resource constraints, and network characteristics. Pronto consists of a lightweight Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) client and an intelligent gateway as a message hub with store-and-forward messaging. The publishsubscribe paradigm is ideal for mobile applications, as mobile devices are commonly used for data collection under conditions of frequent disconnection and changing numbers of recipients. This paradigm provides greater flexibility due to decoupling of publisher and subscriber applications. Mobile applications benefit from advantages by deploying Pronto, including disconnected operation, Gateway caching, compression, data transformation by Gateway plug-in functions, and content-based subscription.


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