Relapsing Fever in Bulandshahr District


Relapsing Fever has been present in epidemic form during the past eighteen months in several districts in the North-West of the United Provinces. Muzaffarnagar, Meerut and Bulandslialir are the three districts in which the disease has been most prevalent. As many of the clinical features of the disease differ considerably from the text-book descriptions, and also from the reports of similar infections in India and other parts of the world ; the following notes of the epidemic as it lias existed in Bulandshahr may be of interest. Unfortunately for clinical purposes the disease prevailed for the most part in outlying villages of the district, and this report is, therefore, incomplete in many respects. However the Assistant and Sub-Assistant Surgeons of the Branch and Travelling Dispensaries took a keen interest in the epidemic, and under instructions full and reliable reports, and numerous blood films have been sent to us. ()ur special tlianks are due to


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